Tuesday 15th April 2014
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Councils in the UK have issued almost 8 million parking tickets in 2013, thats around one every 4 seconds, which has led to more than £255 million in fines. Predictably London, being one of the country's most congested cities, had the highest number of parking tickets issued and the highest amount of money generated in fines.

More detailed information about how many fines were issued last year was reported by MSN Cars:

“Westminster City Council issued the equivalent of more than four Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) per resident in 2013, generating an income of £24 million for 455,000 fines.

Outside London, Cardiff issued the most fines at 57,000 – while North Somerset Council generated the most revenue at £2.25 million.

The variations in figures come as councils can set their own parking charges, usually at £40 or £60 – and they get to keep them to spend on the roads in their area.

Only 187 out of 435 UK councils responded to the freedom of information requests, meaning some councils could be making even more money from drivers.”

Getting a parking ticket can be a pain so it is important to ensure you know exactly what the parking rules are, although, with 8 million issued in a year you're hardly alone if you do slip up!

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