Friday 20th December 2019
Renting driveways could save Christmas shoppers time and money

As opposed to searching for a parking space, an online parking portal has proved popular for Christmas shoppers looking to save money by parking on rented driveways.

Motors reports:

As the Christmas shopping season gets into full swing, many of us are rushing to malls up and down the country to buy presents.

Yet, while parking at your destination probably isn’t top of your priority list, it can be something of a concern for many in certain areas. And, rather than queuing to find a space in a multi-storey car parks, you could more easily park on someone’s driveway that’s renting out.

That’s what online parking portal is finding, as it’s seeing a 35 per cent surge in demand in December for its services for residential parking spaces in city centres, as well as near airports, compared to November.

The firm says its users’ spaces that can be rented out are often significantly cheaper than traditional parking space – in places near London’s Hyde Park and Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas market, for example.

Harrison Woods, managing director at, said: “Parking on a rented driveway, many situated in town and city centres near the shops and Christmas markets, can offer a cheap and convenient alternative to traditional car parks.

“In fact, we traditionally see a surge in bookings at this time of year from motorists looking to save money.

“It’s also a great opportunity for homeowners to list their driveway for rent and make some extra money at a time of year when purse strings can be tight.”

This is clearly a cheaper and more convenient alternative to looking for parking space in city centre car parks, especially during the Christmas months.

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