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Parents - BeWiser
Wednesday 5th August 2015
So the question has been put to children, who is a better driver – mum or dad? This is clearly going to stimulate an interesting debate, with parking skills to consider as well dubious musical taste.

Common Motoring Issues - BeWiser
Wednesday 22nd July 2015
In a recent survey of motorists living in UK summer holiday hotspots, nearly 40% said the biggest motoring problem in their area is tourists not driving appropriately for the local roads.

Should We Own The Road Outside Our Homes?
Tuesday 23rd June 2015

Over half of motorists believe residents should "own" the road outside their homes for the purposes of parking.

A recent survey has found that 53% of people would like to be within their rights to prevent other motorists from parking directly outside their homes.

Parking Permits Priced By Postcode
Tuesday 16th June 2015

Residents have been paying for on-road residential parking for many years now, but who knew there was such a price difference between locations? South Ayrshire Council charges just 50p for a parking permit each year whereas a Manchester Council has decided to charge up to £750!

Petty Price To Pay
Thursday 9th April 2015

Motorists have been informed that a £20 fine will be presented to them if they are sat in a stationary car with the engine running. From 1st of May the new penalty will come into force in two trial boroughs of London, and as you can imagine the majority are against the new fines.

Tuesday 15th April 2014

Councils in the UK have issued almost 8 million parking tickets in 2013, thats around one every 4 seconds, which has led to more than £255 million in fines.

Monday 2nd December 2013
How far would you be willing to walk to avoid paying a parking fee; a few hundred yards, half a mile, more? It seems the average UK motorist is prepared to walk around half a mile just to avoid paying for parking and many will walk up to a mile.

Thursday 24th October 2013
There is no denying that the pockets of British motorists have been hard pressed in recent years by rising fuel costs, bogus insurance claims artificially inflating premiums and road tax price hikes.

Wednesday 23rd October 2013
A parking ticket is usually more of a nuisance than a problem to most people and you can even get a discount if you pay early. However, what if you feel you were wrongly charged?

Thursday 29th August 2013
Across the country well over a million drivers are chased through the courts for minor parking fines every year. Many are summonsed and didn’t even know they had an infringement because they have moved house or bought a car with an outstanding ticket on it.

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