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Monday 11th August 2008

Motorists in Britain are paying more to leave their cars in council-run car parks than two years earlier, according to new research.The Daily Mail has cited statistics which show that there has been a 14 per cent rise in costs in busy city areas and shopping centres in the past two years.Extra mo

Sunday 3rd August 2008

Some female drivers will flirt and chat up parking wardens if it means escaping a motoring conviction, it has been claimed.According to research from YouGov, which quizzed some 2,181 women, younger motorists were more likely to employ the tactic to escape punishment.It added that the behaviour wa

Wednesday 30th July 2008

Local councils have been given the authority to issue parking tickets to drivers who park "inconsiderately", it has emerged.

Monday 28th July 2008

Motorists who park illegally across the UK are to be targeted as part of a crackdown led by the Department for Transport.According to transport minister Rosie Winterton, authorities will be able to punish drivers for leaving models in illegal areas, even if they are not signposted as such.It coul

Friday 18th July 2008

Motorists who reverse into parking spaces could find that they end up saving money, it has been reported.

According to Tim Shallcross from the Institute of Advanced Motorists, manoeuvring is more energy efficient when the engine is warm, the BBC stated.

Wednesday 9th July 2008

Motorists paying to park in Leeds are shelling out around £15 million per year for the privilege, according to a local news source.

Tuesday 1st July 2008

Drivers in the East Yorkshire town of Hull have paid £7 million for parking over the past year, according to new figures.

Statistics from the Department for Communities and Local Government suggest that this is a 21 per cent increase on 2007.

Tuesday 1st July 2008

Motorists in one Derbyshire town have been warned to keep their cars safe following a spate of fuel thefts.

As well as ensuring they have suitable car insurance policies, drivers in Matlock should park their vehicles in well lit areas to deter potential thieves.

Thursday 26th June 2008

Drivers in Greater Manchester picked up fines after being caught travelling in a no entry zone, it has been reported.

According to the Salford Advertiser, 49 Eccles motorists flouted the law in such a fashion and picked up a road conviction as a result.

Tuesday 24th June 2008

Drivers who park illegally in Swansea are being cracked down on by officials in the region, it has been reported.

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