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Friday 18th April 2008

An official from Essex Police has stated that officers will be forced to take "drastic action" against drivers who park illegally outside schools in the region, it has been reported.

Thursday 10th April 2008

Staffordshire council bosses have installed a barrier at two car parks in the region in order to prevent drivers turning right, a news source in the area has reported.

Wednesday 9th April 2008

Motorists in Eastbourne will be immune from parking fines in the region following a dispute between county and borough officials, it has been reported.

Tuesday 8th April 2008

Motorists who parked inconsiderately near a school in Basingstoke were made the subject of a crackdown from officials in the region last week, it has been reported.

Tuesday 8th April 2008

Motorists in Blackpool have been sticking to the speed limit - thanks to a new hi-tech device, it has been reported.

According to Blackpool Today, drivers in the area travel past a £3,000 LED sign which records the speed at which they are travelling and displays a smile or frown.

Friday 4th April 2008

People aggrieved by a parking ticket they have received can appeal the decision over the phone, it has been reported.

The Manchester Evening News has stated that it is possible to ring up and contest the decision, with six out of ten appeals proving successful.

Thursday 3rd April 2008

East Sussex County Council has given itself the power to clamp vehicles illegally parked across the region, it has been reported.

According to the Argus, four lines in the body's agenda mention the move, which has left motorists in the region furious.

Thursday 3rd April 2008

York motorists will soon learn whether a £7 million scheme to alleviate congestion at a roundabout in the region is to go ahead, it has been reported.

Thursday 3rd April 2008

Motorists in Edinburgh will not be fined for parking illegally if they are caught out on CCTV in the near future, it has been claimed.

Thursday 3rd April 2008

Drivers who show a lack of regard for pedestrian areas of Peterborough have been targeted by police officers in the area, it has been reported.

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