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Tuesday 2nd February 2010

Women motorists are twice as likely as men to resort to asking another driver to park their car for them.

Recent studies into women’s driving behaviour revealed that women are 23% more likely to hit a car which is perfectly still, be it parked or in a line of traffic.

Wednesday 27th January 2010

Drivers who tailgate other motorists while at the wheel are one of the most dangerous threats on UK roads.

Recent surveys reveal that 60% of women regard tailgating as dangerous, whereas only 47% of men believe this to be the case.

Tuesday 26th January 2010

Motorists have faced a significant increase in the cost of parking fines under new laws giving councils the power to issue tickets of up to £120.

A record of 3.58million drivers were hit with parking fines that funnelled £214million into council coffers in a single year.

Monday 18th January 2010

It really is extremely difficult these days to undertake a journey and arrive at your destination without having some form of confrontation with, or at least having your blood pressure raised, by another driver.

Friday 15th January 2010

'White Van Man' became a term for rude and reckless drivers of white transit vans after it was apparently coined by other motorists as an issue in UK roads.

Wednesday 13th January 2010

More than 40,000 motorists risk being fined up to £1,000 because they are unwittingly driving without a valid licence.

Drivers have to pay £17.50 to renew their card, which will earn the Treasury an estimated £437million over 25 years.

Monday 11th January 2010

Stopping to ask for directions is becoming something of the past with the development of Satellite Navigation Systems, which navigate you to your desired destination and even give you an estimated time of arrival - a great way to plan a journey and actually get there on time.

Thursday 7th January 2010

Smoking while behind the wheel reduces the level of concentration as well as posing a fire risk from falling hot ash – both of which could easily result in an accident. Driving while trying to multi-task is not a safe option - yet many still do.

Saturday 26th December 2009

Even though there are millions of pounds spent every year on improving the road conditions throughout the UK, there are still numerous accidents that could have been avoided.

Tuesday 22nd December 2009

Christmas is a time of parties and social engagements. It’s also a time which could have serious implications for drivers.

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