Tuesday 21st April 2015
Are You One Of The One In Ten Motorist Who NEVER Wash Their Car?

One in ten British motorists admit to never washing their car. Aside from making UK roads less attractive, dirty cars can be dangerous, causing visibility issues for the driver as well as other road users.

Car headlights, indicators and brake lights can become dimmed with excess grime, and number plates can become entirely obscured.

Not that these motorists are alone in neglecting their cars - 39% of motorists wash their car just a few times a year or less often, according to a recent survey carried out by Be Wiser Insurance.

Traditionally, the first warm weekend in Spring is when motorists get the bucket and hose out to wash their car – this might be the time of year when the UK's roads are cleanest and our cars most visible.

However, respondents to the survey admitted to "leaving it to the rain", thinking a good downpour in April would do the job for them.

But it's not just the rain that motorists rely on to clean their car – 31% of motorists pay for a car hand wash service while 6% take it to an automated car wash. 60% said they wash it themselves.

People now also have the option of getting their car washed while they are shopping by using the hand car wash service offered in some supermarket car parks. The ubiquity and convenience of this service might spell the end for mucky cars causing minor danger to other road users.

The fact that automated car washes lack that personal touch that valets can provide means that the only selling point the car wash has to offer is convenience – and even that is no longer unique with the rise of these car park valets. No wonder 60% of people are just as happy to do the job themselves and save a little money in the long run.

Mark Bower Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:

"Keeping your car clean isn’t just important for looking good – a clean car is a safe car because it makes you more visible, makes your headlights more visible, and therefore helps you to both see and be seen. It also means you’ll easily see any new scratches and stone chips so you can fix them right away. Finally, it reduces the risk of corrosion and therefore helps maintain your car’s value. You don't have to be a complete petrolhead to appreciate the value of a clean car."

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