Thursday 29th August 2013
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Across the country well over a million drivers are chased through the courts for minor parking fines every year. Many are summonsed and didn’t even know they had an infringement because they have moved house or bought a car with an outstanding ticket on it.
The state of the parking system in the UK has become draconian and outdated with bailiffs and debt collectors hounding hapless and defenceless drivers for often what are only a few tens of pounds. Unfortunately, the system as it stands now means that the amount of the fine is increased, sometimes by double the amount, if the case goes to court. Plus the costs of the legal representation and then debt collectors are added on top and a £40 fine can quickly become a few hundred pounds owed.
In figures released by a leading motoring group have shown that around 1 in 10 of council motoring fines, mainly for parking, are handed over to bailiffs. In addition, once the case is in the hands of debt collectors the councils appear to wash their hands of the matter and will not attempt to help drivers in paying or appealing.
The good news is that the Ministry of Justice has been called on to get involved and put in place measures help protect unwitting drivers from aggressive debt collectors and make sure the system is punishing those who truly deserve it.

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