Friday 17th January 2020
Be Wiser AR Experience

The augmented reality experience, in partnership with 3RockAR, appeared in Victoria, Waterloo and Paddington train stations on 29th and 30th November 2019. A large screen acted as a mirror showing the visitors as they stood in the station – until the AR experience added moving features to the image, making for an exciting, interactive experience.

The visuals began with Barry the Be Wiser Owl swooping across the train station to land on commuters’ arms. A house and car also appeared, the sky clouded over, a twister rolled across the screen and lightning hit the ground – all causing a captivated audience to outstretch their arms, jump and wave as they saw themselves amidst the scene on the screen.

Barry the Owl proved to be a hit with children and grownups alike, surprising travellers and bringing a little entertainment to their journeys. Take a look at the video to see it for yourself!

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