Friday 30th April 2010
Be Wiser Insurance

Buying a second hand car privately can pose certain risks say Be Wiser Insurance.

With typically three times as many used cars being sold compared to new registrations buying privately from the second hand car market has become a natural part of car ownership.

Buying a stolen car, or a car made with stolen parts, can be easily done - especially considering the average UK motorist has a 6% chance of having their car stolen

Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance comments:

"Often, when buying a used car privately road users do not ask the right kinds of questions. This can lead to legal problems."

Only around 50% of vehicles are recovered after theft, despite 93% of vehicle thefts being reported. 

Mark Bower-Dyke comments:

"Buyers sometimes feel lik e they can't demand the same level of information from someone in front of their own house compared to a professional car dealer."

Yet this private buying environment is where the stolen car market can thrive.

Mark-Bower-Dyke continues:

"Making sure all the required legal documents are present before inspecting the car is important. If the owner cannot show you the VIN number for a history report, the V5C certificate or the service history you should steer clear."



Avoiding Stolen Cars When Buying Privately:

  • The owner must present all required documents on viewing including:

          o VC5 logbook

          o MOT papers

          o Service history papers

  •     Look up the VIN number (vehicle identification number), this can then be used to then get a vehicle history report
  •     When looking at used car ads try to get a landline or house phone number. Mobile numbers are more difficult to trace
  •     Go to t he actual address of where the car is, don't let it be driven to you
  •     Check that the locks on the car have not been damaged or replaced
  •     If you're buying from someone direct at their own home, take someone with you for support
  •     Check the seller's ID and compare it to the details in the VC5 logbook
  •     Beware of the "quick cash sale"; if it seems too good to be true, it may well be
  •     If you are in doubt, leave the car

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