Friday 8th March 2013
Be Wiser Insurance
As the weather gets warmer many motorcyclists will be getting their bike out of the garage and onto the road for the first time of the year.
Whilst this should be a hugely enjoyable day, Be Wiser Insurance warns motorcyclists and car drivers to be extra careful on the first few sunny days of the year.
Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:
"Whilst all motorists should try and keep an eye out for motorcyclists on the road the long winter break away from doing this as a matter of routine can mean they are simply out of practice."
While motorists are warned to be more careful, Be Wiser had a message for motorcyclists as well, Mark Bower-Dyke comments:
"Firstly, please make sure you can be seen, dipped headlights and “high vis” clothing really help. The first ride of the year can lead to an urge to tear up and down open roads on the first sunny day - but it's a good idea to exercise restraint for the first couple of trips. You may think that you remember it all BUT you're likely to be a bit rusty! So, make sure you can be seen and take it easy on the first day out."
In 2009 half of all motorcycle accidents involved another vehicle at junctions, and at this time of year it can be particularly dangerous.
Mark Bower-Dyke concludes:
"The first few sunny days of spring should be a pleasure for everyone whether in a car or a motorcycle, just be careful, Be Safer and Be Wiser!!!"

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