Monday 26th October 2009
Be Wiser Insurance

Motorists are changing their driving habits for the better due to the recession, a poll conducted by car insurance specialists indicates. The poll shows nearly a quarter (24%) of UK motorists have changed their driving habits because of concerns about high fuel prices.

Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, commented: “Motorists are now driving in a cautious and more considered way. This benefits the environment, other road users and the car driver’s own pocket.”

With concerns for their fuel bills as a top priority, road users are now driving more slowly, making the open road a safer and less aggressive place.

Mark Bower-Dyke continues, “Not only does changing bad driving habits save fuel but it means people allow for larger stopping distances and keep their speed down.  These people will have fewer accidents so, as well as saving on fuel now, they will save on their car insurance renewals later.  The squeeze of the recession has made our roads a little safer.”

Yet 12% of drivers are trying to save money without changing their driving. Many are attempting to find a “quick fix” by switching their car insurance to a cheaper, less suitable deal. Mark Bower-Dyke sees this as problematic:

“While it is tempting to cut corners to save money it is important to retain the right cover. The cheapest car insurance policy might result in smaller outgoings every month but when you find yourself without breakdown or legal cover you could end up paying a much higher price.”

“At Be Wiser we offer free RAC cover and full legal cover as standard on all car insurance policies – this gives all drivers the peace of mind they need during these turbulent times.”


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