Monday 23rd September 2013
Be Wiser Insurance
As the weather takes a turn for the worse Be Wiser Insurance would like to remind motorists to be prepared for bad weather, and the driving conditions that come with it.
The Met Office stopped providing long-range forecast last year because their accuracy was called into question - but it's best to be prepared regardless.
Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:
"While no one knows what the weather is going to do exactly, you can be sure that if there's heavy snow this winter much of the country will come to a standstill! Being prepared is always better."
Be Wiser have revealed before that motorists are often unprepared with about 1 in 5 admitting to being unprepared for adverse weather. Be Wiser would like to make sure you're not one of those caught out in the cold.
Mark Bower-Dyke comments:
"It's as simple as having a few extra bits in your car so that if you do get caught out in bad weather you're either able to deal with the problem, or comfortably wait it out!"
Be Wiser would like to offer their tips for staying on top of the bad weather this coming winter.
· A Shovel: it doesn't have to do the work of a road clearing machine or a JCB, but it does have to be enough to liberate your car from the driveway or car-park and make a safe exit.
· Blankets or a Warm Coat: having a nice warm winter coat in the back of the car, or a warm blanket, can be a lifesaver when it comes to be stuck in traffic because of adverse weather.
· A Torch and Hi-Vis: being seen and seeing can be particularly useful if you're dealing with a breakdown or similar in poor visibility.
· Water: Having a big bottle of water can keep you feeling fresh and focused - especially if caught in a jam for a long period of time.

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