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Wed, 06/29/2011 - 01:06 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Be Wiser's Top Staying Cool Tips for Motorcyclists

Wed, 29/06/2011
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As the summer is set to be another scorcher, many motorcyclists will be keen to get out on the road.

However, with summer and beautiful riding conditions comes the problem of staying cool in the heat.
Mark Bower-Dyke, chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:

"The biggest danger of the summer heat is the risk of dehydration. Once dehydrated, concentration flags and motorcyclists are in danger of a serious accident."

With this in mind Mark Bower-Dyke offers Be Wiser's top tips for avoiding the worst of the summer heat while out on your motorbike:
    • Invest in high-tech Motorcycle Gear: "Specialized vents on modern leathers and helmets can drastically reduce the impact of the high summer heat. "
    • Use a wet layer: "Many motorcyclists wear thermal under-layers which can be wetted before donning leathers. Other benefits are that it wicks sweat away from "problem areas" which is essential  for long rides"
    • Routing: "For those riding for pleasure planning a route which features wooded areas, shadowed valleys or running past lakes, reservoirs or rivers can dramatically reduce the average still-air temperature."
    • Keep moving!: "The faster you go the cooler you'll be. Be Wiser doesn't condone breaking the law in the name of keeping cool. Steering clear of congestion and stop-start traffic will help to prevent the feeling of being baked inside your leathers!"
    • Stay out of the heat: "This is the only tip which works 100% of the time! Keeping away from the mid-day heat and riding only during the mornings and evenings means avoiding the worst of it. There are few better excuses to stop for a long lunch (sans alcohol of course) when you're on a lengthy journey too - it's for your safety after all!"
With this advice you'll be able to stay cool this summer and enjoy motorcycling safely in the beautiful British sunshine!
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