Tuesday 26th July 2011
Be Wiser Insurance

 Drivers prefer informative technology over all other forms of traffic calming, according to a recent poll by Be Wiser insurance. 

The most popular methods of traffic calming are informative technologies such as speed indicator display signs (41%).
The least popular method was speed sensitive traffic lights (6%).
Mark Bower-Dyke, chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:
"Drivers prefer to be informed about their speeding so they can make changes, rather than just being told they're in the wrong or being forced to tackle physical measures which aren't designed to change their driving. Apart from anything else the assumption that all drivers should be affected by these measures causes a lot of resentment."
Mobile speed cameras were also unpopular, gaining only 8% of the vote. Many respondents commented that the "surprise" of mobile speed camera caused sharp braking which in turn leads to accidents.
The second most popular choice was better signage and road markings (20%) which offer drivers information, rather than physical restrictions.
Mark Bower-Dyke comments:
"The main objection to physical traffic calming measures is the damage done to cars and the noises created as cars slow down and speed up. It damages local communities as much as the troublesome drivers racing past - hardly a winning situation."
There is a significant segment (13%) which believes there shouldn't be any traffic calming measures in place at all.
Mark Bower-Dyke concludes:
"As traffic calming will always be with us it makes sense for the measures to be a collaborative process. If all drivers are treated as the enemy we're going to end up with unpleasant roads."

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