Thursday 31st January 2013
Be Wiser Insurance
Over half (56%) of British motorists have changed their driving habits to keep the costs of motoring down.
Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:
"The rising cost of motoring is met with weary acceptance these days - and one of the main ways of dealing with it for motorists is to change their driving habits. Many have had to take more drastic measures to keep the costs down other than just trying to drive more economically."
Many commented that even with a driving style designed to save on fuel, they were feeling the pinch at the pump. One respondent commented that they haven't driven for pleasure in many years while others suggested they walk if they can now.
Mark Bower-Dyke comments:
"It's a shame motorists have had the joy of motoring taken away from them in this way. And while there are obvious health benefits to walking instead of taking the car there's still a concern for those who aren't able to make this choice such as the elderly or those in rural areas."
A few responded that older and more remote motorists seem to get hit the hardest every time the cost of motoring rises, forcing them into a situation where they may become more or less housebound.
Mark Bower-Dyke comments:
"Changing habits isn't a choice for some people, especially the most vulnerable in our society who rely heavily on their car."
For those who can make changes to their habits, Be Wiser reminds motorists not to cut back on important costs like insurance and servicing:
"Regular services can reduce costs in the long run and quality insurance makes all the difference to a bad situation, turning it from a financial disaster to merely an inconvenience."

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