Tuesday 15th December 2015
New Year’s Resolutions For Motorists: Happier Commuting For 2016

It’s nearly the end of the year again, and after we sit wondering where on earth the last twelve months have gone, many of us start looking towards the future. Making New Year’s resolutions is a tradition many people take part in every December, but also one that many others have long since given up on, knowing that by the time January has ended (and often long before then), all their good intentions will have fallen by the wayside.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, and there are many goals we can set ourselves for the coming year. They don’t have to be particularly big or challenging, but by making small changes we can improve our everyday lives.

For example, what could you do to make your commute a happier one? We spend so much time in our cars, it’s important to feel positive about them. So here are some ideas for New Year’s resolutions you could make as a motor

1. Clean your car more often

That means inside and outside. It’s important for your car to be clean on the outside to improve visibility for you and other users, but you’ll also be a whole lot happier without a footwell full of leaves and a dashboard covered in dust.

2. Carry out maintenance more regularly

How often do you check your oil? What about your brake lights? Developing good habits like regular maintenance checks can save you from writing out a much bigger cheque to your local mechanic in the future.

3. Kerb those bad habits

What are your bad driving habits? Whether you sometimes forget to indicate or your love affair with the middle lane has gone on a bit too long, conquer any bad driving habits and take control in 2016.

4. Keep calm

Road rage getting you down? If you find yourself getting stressed out behind the wheel, resolve to keep calm and relax a little more this year by driving defensively and taking obstacles in your stride.

5. Buy a new car

If you’ve been telling yourself for a while that you should get a new car, resolve to make the leap this year. Car buying is a minefield of decisions but once you’ve settled on a safer, more up to date, and great looking car you love, you’ll be happy you made your New Year’s resolutions

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