Thursday 17th February 2011
Be Wiser Insurance

Three quarters (77%) of British motorists would support traffic lights being turned off, according to a recent poll conducted by Be Wiser Insurance.

Most agree with switching traffic lights off at non-peak times (18%) or at night (34%).

The scheme is currently being tested at several junctions in Ealing, with mostly positive results.

Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:

"Turning off traffic lights is thought to reduce accidents and congestion. Motorists approaching junctions have to slow down and make eye contact with others. This eye contact makes the situation "social" and reduces frustration while waiting - it also stops motorists thinking in a combative way."

Only a quarter (25%) believe they should be turned off completely.

Mark Bower-Dyke comments:

"A full switch off would be a problem at some junctions - leaving many awkward turns onto busy roads nearly impossible. Of course, if applied with a little common sense this shouldn't be a problem."

A fifth (21%) of respondents believe traffic lights actually ease congestion.

Mark Bower-Dyke comments:

"Traffic lights do have a place - particularly on "tricky" junctions, yet, in the same way "courteous driving"[1] works, navigating junctions and crossroads could be a lot more hassle free with a sensible traffic light switch-off"


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