Friday 22nd June 2012
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Sharing your holiday plans on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be like advertising your home to burglars and opportunist criminals.

Traditionally there are a few things on your security checklist before leaving for your holiday. This list usually involves making sure the doors and windows are secure, setting the alarm if you have one, and cancelling the milk.

But there's one more thing you must not do before going on holiday and that is: don't share your holiday plans online!

Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:

"One of the traditional reasons for cancelling the milk when you go on holiday is so that opportunist criminals don't take a row of uncollected milk bottles as a sign you're away. Broadcasting your holiday on social networks can have much the same effect!"

The police have recently warned that posting your holiday plans, and especially information like "I'm at the airport about to leave for Spain for two weeks" might be enough of an incentive for a burglar to pay your empty home a visit while you're away.

Mark Bower-Dyke continues:

"We all want to share our holiday plans, but doing so can endanger your family home. All the preparation in the world - whether it's alarms or high security door locks - won't help much if we broadcast when our homes are going to be empty!"

Because of the way Facebook works it's not always just your friends which will see the posting - if a friend replies to your post it's likely their "friends" will see it as well. Naturally we don't always know, or trust, everyone in our extended social circles. It's not your friends which you'll be concerned about, it's their extended acquaintances.

Mark bower-Dyke continues:

"While you may be completely in control of your online security, that doesn't stop someone else being less so and unwittingly sharing your holiday information. It's especially wise to talk to your children about the issue, as while they might be technologically savvy they might not fully comprehend the dangers of posting such information online."

Home insurance is vital for peace of mind while on holiday but taking steps to minimize your chances of being the victim of a break-in is always the best policy.

Mark Bower-Dyke concludes:

"The best advice is to be covered and wait until you've got home before sharing your holiday details on social networks!"


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