Friday 20th December 2013
Be Wiser Insurance
Be Wiser Insurance warns motorcyclists to take care in putting their bike away this winter to avoid springtime spills.
Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:
"Anyone who rides a motorbike will have enjoyed the relatively dry and warm December we've had, meaning the need to put the bike away for winter has been put back even further than normal. But just because it's a busy time doesn't mean you should just chuck it in the garage without a moment's thought - the Christmas present wrapping will have to wait!"
Winter maintenance can mean the difference between an enjoyable first ride in spring, or unknown problems occurring when you're still a bit rusty.
Putting your bike away properly in winter is the first step to ensuring a good year of riding the next year.
Mark Bower-Dyke comments:
"We've all experienced the excitement of getting out for the first time in spring. Being delayed for some reason can feel like torture - so it's best to ensure that as little as possible can go wrong between now and then!"
With this in mind Be Wiser Insurance would like to offer their must-do checklist for putting your bike away for winter:
1. Clean It: Give the bike a proper wipe down and polish. Ensure than there's no dirt and grit hidden in the machine. Not only is this the most depressing experience when getting the bike out in the spring and you want to get out and ride, but can lead to other problems.
2. Lube Up: This is best done right after your last ride for the winter - lube up the drive-train as well as any mechanical pivot points and joints. While you shouldn't be storing your bike anywhere it's like to go rusty it's better to be safe than sorry!
3. Look After the Electrics: Ensure that all your electric points are completely dry and dirt-free.
4. Put The Battery On Trickle Charge: This can feel a bit like putting your bike into intensive care, but it will keep the battery in top shape come the spring. Some also say to lubricate all the bare electronic points.
5. Put It Away Dry: Ideally you'll have the bike somewhere where it doesn't get too cold or wet, but if you have no choice, make sure there's a cover at least!
Mark Bower-Dyke concludes:
"With our checklist you should be able to have a cracking spring, and a winter without any guilt or worry about how you treat your bike. Remember, it's not cheating to take a peek at your motorcycle during the winter months as well!"

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