Tuesday 25th November 2014
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A recent survey found a slight majority of UK drivers support the EU push to increase the number of electric charging points in the country.

Just over half (56%) of survey respondents believed that there should be more charging points, without which those electric cars might run out of power. Clearly this key risk needs to be dealt with and without which drivers are unlikely to adopt electric motoring and take advantage of the lower tax free fuel costs.

This of course leaves a substantial 44% minority who do not support an increase in the number of charging points. One of their questions being "Just how green are electric cars?" and in particularly the logic of burning dirty coal to produce this electricity.

The second more local issue being raised is the conversion of available parking bays into electric charge points only, this is causing a lot of irritation. This is especially the case in parts of London where the already limited parking slots are rapidly being converted to these charging points.

Locals are questioning why these community parking spots are now being made solely available to the less than 1% of drivers who drive an electric vehicle. A clear frustration for the 99% of residents unable to use these historic parking slots. What clearly adds salt to the wound is that many of these electric vehicle drivers are commuting into central London and are now exempt from the London congestion charge because they drive electric cars.

With the government falling short of their EU agreed targets for charging points and "Clean Energy Provision" it seems that this green agenda was promoted to the public without the necessary infrastructure being put in place and where the benefits are only available to a tiny minority. On the other hand without more charging points in place the take up is likely to be very slow and electric motoring will remain a choice for the few.

Be Wiser Insurance chairman, Mark Bower-Dyke, comments:

"Potential drivers of electric cars are clearly concerned that they might run out of power due to a lack of charging points, and so they are likely to wait until there are more charging points in place before buying electric cars. This slow take up clearly is an issue, however if there is not a significant increase in the number of charging points, it’s unlikely that much is going to change. Local sentiment also needs to be considered if we are going to build a broad consensus."

An electric car hire scheme will be introduced in London next year by French company the Bollore Group, with the aim to increase charging points in London.

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