Monday 20th February 2012
Be Wiser Insurance

 39% of British drivers would consider buying a new electric or hybrid car under the government's newest green car rebate scheme.

The other 61% would prefer to keep to conventional petrol or diesel powered car, according to a recent Be Wiser Insurance poll.
Mark Bower-Dyke, chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:
"The high number of those suggesting that they'd buy a new electric car is probably not just down to drivers wanting to be 'green' but also down to the fact that it is expensive to run a normal petrol or diesel engine car – and people see electric cars as being cheaper to run.
Even with the government 'sweetener' electric cars cost far more than their petrol/diesel counterparts, so perhaps British drivers are prepared to pay more 'up front' to then benefit from much lower weekly running costs."
Electric/hybrid cars can be cheaper to run, but some examples of all electric cars can suffer from a lack of range and often then have long recharging times.
Mark Bower-Dyke continues:
"We have probably already reached the point where some road users are accepting they'll have to reduce their mileage anyway (to save money), so perhaps a car with a reduced range wouldn't be a huge problem for them."
"Our poll numbers would appear to suggest that we're not just looking at motorists who want to be 'green' or make a social statement, we're seeing people who want to save some cash in tough times!"

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