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Tue, 07/29/2014 - 12:07 -- sdukbewiser

Will Harsher Penalty Points Make Driving Safer?

Tue, 29/07/2014
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The government proposes increasing the number of penalty points applied to a driver’s licence for using a mobile phone while driving from 3 to 6 points, in an attempt to improve road safety.

Mark Bower-Dyke, chairman of Be Wiser Insurance had this to say:

“Deterrents are fine – to an extent – but only if they can be properly implemented and policed. Every motorist should be aware of the danger of being distracted whilst driving, with mobile phone use being one of the most prolific problems. Many years ago the government led an advertising campaign to educate the motorist concerning the use of compulsory seat belts – and perhaps we now need an information campaign aimed at saying “when you get in the car, turn off the mobile phone” and backing it up by evidence of what can go wrong if you are distracted whilst driving.”

Perhaps the car manufacturers could stop putting “blue tooth” into cars or maybe engineering a block on mobile phone reception when the car engine is switched on? Whilst this may appear to be a somewhat draconian measure, it may well be the only way to stop the problem now – before it becomes even more problematic in years to come.

Mark Bower-Dyke, concludes:

"While extra penalty points might be enough to do some damage to your licence, the real danger is an accident caused by distraction at the wheel, and more public awareness and perception of this issue is needed”

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