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Motorists Need To Be Cautious When Driving Abroad

Mon, 09/11/2009
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One in three motorists surveyed by RAC are gearing up to drive in Europe this year, but research from the motoring organisation reveals that many don’t have a clue what it will cost to drive abroad or what to do when it all goes wrong.

Tiredness is always a problem on a long journey, but is a particular issue if motorists are not used to driving on the “other” side of the road.

A surprising 35% of motorists surveyed said they had no idea what to do if they are involved in an accident and only a third knew the correct number for the emergency services in Europe.

The research also revealed that nearly one in ten motorists have been involved in an accident whilst driving in Europe and 12% have broken down.

Overtaking is a difficult and potentially dangerous manoeuvre. You must always be sure overtaking is going to be safe. Driving a right-hand drive car on the "other" side of the road means you are not in the best position to see ahead.

Most car insurance companies have policies that cover driving abroad and also cover the procurement of a rental car if there are any unforeseen difficulties arising out of an accident or break-down.

A common misconception is that fuel is cheaper in Europe. Almost half of motorists (48%) mistakenly believe that petrol is cheaper on the continent but in four of the five most popular European driving destinations - France, Germany, Italy and Belgium - unleaded petrol is up to 23% more expensive per litre.

Despite negative connotations of driving styles abroad, there is a lot of love for European roads. 51% of those surveyed would like to see the superior road quality seen in Europe echoed here.

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