Friday 6th March 2015
Be Wiser Insurance

In late February, the sponsors and partners of the new Be Wiser Kawasaki Superbike team got together to take a look at the bike. These videos trail the new season, discuss the progress the team has made and what's still to be done before the first races at Donington Park on April 4-6 2015.

OFFICIAL TRAILER : Announcing The Be Wiser Kawasaki 2015 Superbike Team

Introducing the Be Wiser Kawasaki 2015 Superbike Team. SBK Team manager Tommy Hill welcomes riders Chris Walker & Danny Buchan and shows off their striking black and yellow Be Wiser Kawasaki ZX-10R!

Be Wiser Kawasaki SBK - Team Progress & Sponsors

We meet the Be Wiser Kawasaki Superbike team sponsors and catch up with the SBK team's progress ready for the 2015 Superbike season! 

We hear from Team owner Alan Greig and Team manager Tommy Hill as riders Chris Walker and Danny Buchan prepare for pre-season testing in Spain. 

Video Transcript

Alan Greig:
Today is a networking day. It’s really to thank our sponsors - they are all here today, I think there’s about 45 people here. We’ve got a beautiful lunch laid on by Qube Group and it’s really an opportunity for each of our sponsors to let all the other sponsors know what they do and whether they can help each other out. From the conversations I’ve heard it really seems to be working. We’ve got Be Wiser here who’ve just launched a Commercial Insurance division; we’ve got AOS who fit out offices; we’ve got a recruitment company with Qube, and of course Dickies with work wear, so everyone's just networking and mingling.

Since the NEC show in Birmingham back in November, there’s been an awful lot going on in the background. Tommy has been managing the bikes Introand putting the team together, which you can tell he has done a fantastic job of; I’ve been working hard on the other side of the business which is the hospitality, building the hospitality trucks and the facilities which are required to go with that, and building that side of the team. So in that 3 month period since the NEC Show official bike launch we really are here now as a team, complete and ready to go!

Tommy Hill:
The bike is going really well. We’re still in the early stages at the moment but I’m pretty certain our bike is as good as any bike out there, and I would openly say if it’s not. I’ve ridden bikes that haven’t been as competitive as other bikes, so I’m sure we’re providing a good package for our riders that can be at the front end ... at the sharp end. I’ve raced for years and I know what the bikes need and what the team needs as well. So it’s exciting times! I just want to get out on track, I’m as excited as the riders to get out and get testing.

Alan Greig:
Next week we head out to Spain for our first official test. Unfortunately I can’t go because we still have trucks and vehicles to get wrapped and organised and more admin to get on with, so I’m just going to stay behind, but the rest of the team are all going off on Monday to two different tracks in Spain. That’s really the test where we are going to find all of our setup and gather data and make improvements on the bike, and when they come back from Spain, round about the 12th to the 14th of March, we will have all the information, we will know what parts we need to get ready for the first official BSB test later on in March.

Tommy Hill:
A lot of people are telling us our bike's one of the nicest look bikes they have seen in the paddock so fa. We need to get it out on track, but from my point of view it looks great, it looks sharp, we’ve got a nice bright vibrant yellow in there, the Be Wiser Owl looks fantastic on the side - it gives it a bit of depth - and the sponsorship logos have worked really well on there. So let’s hope to see it on the top step of the podium, showing the sponsors off!

Alan Greig:
Clearly with Tommy Hill taking a management role the team becomes very high profile. We’ve got Chris Walker who I think is the oldest rider on the grid, he just bring so much experience; he can really help the team progress early rather than later on in the season and he has a huge fan base…

Then the "young" with Danny Buchan, who dominated the Superstock 1000 championship last year so he should do well this year. So it just really raises the profile of the team. We’ve got a lot of media attention here today, a lot of people are talking about us. We’ve got a lot of people requesting team wear and where they can get it from, so it’s great that our sponsors are getting such a fantastic return on their investment, and hopefully the people can get behind us and give us the longevity so we can be here in The British Superbike Championship for years to come!

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