Wednesday 24th September 2008
Be Wiser Insurance

Drivers who have accidentally filled their diesel car or van with standard petrol will know that it can cost hundreds of pounds to drain the tank and much more in repair bills or motor insurance claims if the engine is damaged as a result.But this may no longer happen with the launch of the Rightfuel device from Caparo, which stops the wrong type of petrol being added to diesel vehicles.The devices operates by taking advantage of the different sized of the nozzles for diesel and standard fuel in petrol stations.It replaces the existing fuel filler cap and is secured with a supplied locking tool, with the prevention flap only disengaged when a diesel pump is inserted.Nick Mennell, technical director of Caparo said: "This innovative and patented design means that accidental misfuel incidents will be greatly reduced."He added the device is simple and effective and can save drivers a significant amount of money.Other products manufactured by Caparo include automotive stampings, fastners, pressings, braking and actuation systems.

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