Tuesday 28th July 2009
Be Wiser Insurance

Many recent home insurance claims have been made due to "beauty blunders", it has been asserted.

Research by Sheilas' Wheels found that cosmetic products and technology has caused an average of £153 of harm to British homes during the last 12-month period.

The firm claims this could be a result of the fact that 32 per cent of respondents have increased the cash and time they spend on grooming themselves in their house.

A total of 28 per cent admitted they had damaged their home or its contents during this process – and 52 per cent specifically mentioned ruining their beds with fake tan.

Nail varnish was the biggest culprit overall, followed by hair dye, straighteners, mascara and foundation.

Spokesperson for the firm Jacky Brown said: "Having accidental damage cover added onto your home insurance can be invaluable as beauty blunders become more commonplace".

A quick insurance Q&A with your provider could determine if you are covered for lipstick damage and other problems caused by pampering treatments.

In related news, Sainsbury's Bank recently found that two in three Brits had risked invalidating their home and contents insurance by undertaking DIY.

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