Tuesday 29th September 2009
Be Wiser Insurance

More than half of all road users have purchased online car insurance in recent years, an unsurprising trend considering the competitive nature of the internet.

The Internet is a great tool for helping find cheap car insurance, especially for those who lead a busy life – making it easier to save money and deliver lower rates in seconds.

77% of drivers currently shop around before deciding on a car insurance policy, with 45% reviewing up to three insurance quotes and 16% reviewing seven or more.

Only 23% of drivers plan to remain with their current insurance provider - down from 31% choosing to stay with their provider eight years ago. The drop in figures comes as consumers search for better rates online for car insurance policies.

Comparison websites and brokers like Be Wiser are generally the best way to get quick car insurance rates. From the details that you type in, they can then search those companies to find the ones most suitable for you.

It is important however to consider only visiting trusted car insurance websites when buying online car insurance since as they require sensitive personal information.

There are dozens of websites that offer comparison services for hundreds of car insurance companies but drivers should only deal with those you believe you can really trust. These particular websites allow drivers to compare different insurance policies and decide on a suitable coverage based on their needs.

Over 11% of respondents who shopped for their car insurance online saved £150 on their policies between the months of December 2008 to May 2009 – savvy insurance customers are now only working with trustworthy insurance companies.

Buying car insurance online will ensure drivers find the best car insurance at the best prices hassle free.

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