Monday 21st September 2009
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Traffic Signs Cause Accidents

Traffic signs intended to inform motorists about speed limits, road conditions and upcoming hazards are now being blasted as ‘dangerous’ by some experts.

A half mile section of road in Gloucestershire has 71 road signs along it, all erected by the Highways Agency. The smorgasbord of signs includes directions, place names, 36 “No U-Turn” signs and many, many speed restrictions.

Locals and road safety campaigners claim that the Ebley bypass in Cirencester has so many warnings that they could cause accidents. Because of the quantity of the signs in such a short space of driving many fear that motorists could become confused by the signs, which could result in an awful crash.

A local councilman has claimed that the sign have been accrued historically, and were not all added at once, which begs the question why weren’t the older ones removed.

A local resident said that:

“I know that signs are intended to help drivers, but this is just ridiculous. It won’t be long until a driver gets confused by all of these warnings and ends up running into someone else… god forbid if anything worse was to happen.”

The signs, though necessary at some point, have piled up and have left the road looking not only confusing, but rather silly.

After hundreds of complaints the council are debating what to do with the current signs and what course of action they should take.

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