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Monday 10th December 2007

Bad weather led officials in the north of England to warn motorists about the potential dangers of the road this weekend.

Friday 7th December 2007

A new scheme has been set up which allows motorists to get to grips with some of the worst conditions the winter weather may have to offer.

Tuesday 4th December 2007

People in the UK are not listening to advice they are being given from motoring organisations, according to a new survey.

Friday 30th November 2007

Motorists in an area of Scotland are being urged to keep their headlights shining and reduce road deaths, it has been reported.

According to Shetland Today, Shetland local councillor Laura Baisley would like to see a by-law introduced making it compulsory to use dipped lights.

Thursday 22nd November 2007

Police in Hampshire have warned drivers to stay aware of weather conditions before taking to the road, it has been reported,

According to the Salisbury Journal, this comes after a motorist in a Renault Scenic was washed away over the weekend.

Thursday 22nd November 2007

Motorists in Teeside will be pleased to hear that construction work on a bridge in the region is nearly finished.

GazetteLive has stated that the project was originally due to be completed over the summer, but poor weather conditions meant it had to be delayed.

Thursday 22nd November 2007

Motorists in Bromsgrove have been told to make sure their vehicle is ready to cope with winter conditions, it has been reported.

Tuesday 6th November 2007

A chain of garages across the UK is to offer motorists the chance to make sure their vehicles are ready for the winter season.

Wednesday 31st October 2007

With the coldest months of the year approaching it may be an idea for homeowners to check the condition of their houses, it has been suggested.

According to Halifax, people who own property should look to get their houses ready for winter in order to ensure that it avoids damage.

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