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Where in the UK are the most speeding fines given?
Driving Laws
Monday 23rd December 2019
Hundreds of thousands of speeding tickets were issued across the UK in 2018, the most of which were issued in Avon and Somerset.
Renting driveways could save Christmas shoppers time and money
Friday 20th December 2019
As opposed to searching for a parking space, an online parking portal has proved popular for Christmas shoppers looking to save money by parking on rented driveways.
Lorry driver imprisoned for killing a cyclist that was hidden by his cluttered dashboard
Driving Safety
Wednesday 18th December 2019
Due to his cluttered dashboard, that he had been warned of the dangers of, a lorry driver killed a cyclist that was not in his line of sight.
On average, British motorists ignore car issues for almost three weeks
Driving Safety
Monday 16th December 2019
Research shows that Brits typically ignore issues with their car for an average of 19 days.
Nottinghamshire named UK pothole capital
Driving Safety
Friday 13th December 2019
According to research conducted by MoneySuperMarket, Nottinghamshire has been given the title of ‘pothole capital’ of the UK.
The number of full-time police officers in the UK has dropped, whilst drink driving incidents reached a record high
Driving Safety
Wednesday 11th December 2019
Drink-driving is a serious issue across the UK and having more police officers on the road will help reduce this issue. But, much more needs to be done to eradicate it.
British motorists are unprepared for winter weather breakdowns
Driving Safety
Monday 9th December 2019
Are you prepared for a winter breakdown? Most Brits aren’t and probably should be.
Thieves are exploiting WhatsApp to steal cars
Driving Safety
Friday 6th December 2019
According to vehicle protection specialists, the volume of car thefts in Britain can be put down to the use of encrypted social media platforms.
Almost half of the UK’s motorists believe local roads have deteriorated in the last year
Driving Safety
Wednesday 4th December 2019
It’s an awful feeling as a driver when the conditions of the road don’t feel up to scratch, and it seems that this is the opinion of a lot of UK drivers.