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Filming with a mobile phone whilst driving loophole is set to be closed
Car Insurance
Monday 11th November 2019
Even though it is illegal to use your mobile phone while driving, it may be a surprise to you that motorists have escaped prosecution due to a loophole in the law.
61% of car passengers feel uncomfortable with the speeds family and friends reach while driving
Car Insurance
Friday 8th November 2019
Everyone can be a backseat driver sometimes, but this may be for good reason. It seems that passengers are not feeling comfortable when the wheel is in the hands of their friends and family.
The Government ‘know people are dying’ due to smart motorways
Car Insurance
Wednesday 6th November 2019
The government is set to review smart motorway safety due to driver concerns.
Some of the strangest items left by people selling cars are revealed
Car Insurance
Monday 4th November 2019
Have you ever bought a car and found something inside that you didn’t expect? An old shoe? A pack of cards? Or something much weirder like a bag of manure?
Green number plates for electric cars let drivers park for free and use bus lanes
Car Insurance
Friday 1st November 2019
Zero emissions vehicles will reap some great benefits with new green number plates.
Government looks set to give UK drivers £130 fines for stopping in yellow box junctions
Car Insurance
Wednesday 30th October 2019
This fine is only currently available in select UK locations, but the government has now indicated that they are looking to enforce the fined offence country-wide.
The best cities for car parking
Car Insurance
Monday 28th October 2019
Finding somewhere to park can be a challenge in big cities, based on distance to the city centre, cost to park and then actual space availability, but the best cities for car parking have now been revealed.
20mph speed limits are only effective when teamed with speed humps
Car Insurance
Friday 25th October 2019
Despite the importance of speed limits, road signs alone are largely ignored by drivers.
Road tax could now be pay-as-you-go
Car Insurance
Wednesday 23rd October 2019
There seems to be a lot of support for a ‘the more you drive, the more you pay’ structure when it comes to road pricing debates.