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MOT exemptions allow critical workers to continue with essential travel
Driving Safety
Friday 10th April 2020
From 30th March, owners of cars, motorcycles and vans will be granted a six-month exemption from MOT testing. The move aims to help NHS staff and critical workers to get to work and keep the capital functioning.
Police increase travel checkpoints as driver is stopped during non-essential trip, with wife in the boot
Driving Safety
Wednesday 8th April 2020
A driver travelled from Coventry to Salford to collect a £15 eBay purchase of windows. His wife could not fit in the vehicle, so she was travelling in the boot for the return journey when stopped on the M6 Cheshire. The driver was given a TOR (Traffic Offence Report) for the offence, but many have questioned how strict traffic measures will be for dangerous driving in times like this. 
Government announces free hospital parking for NHS staff
Monday 6th April 2020
Private parking firms are usually those in charge of hospital parking, so the government has promised to provide NHS trusts with the money for them to offer it for free during the coronavirus outbreak. However, there has been demand for this to continue to be the case during normal circumstances, so NHS workers do not have to pay to park. 
Geely offers buyers the option of contactless home delivery, involving drones
Driving Safety
Friday 3rd April 2020
In the line with the effects of COVID-19 and the development of an expansive online sales system, Chinese car manufacturer Geely have launched a contactless home delivery system. This system is said to directly deliver new vehicles to people’s homes or place of work as opposed to a dealership.
Coronavirus response: reliance on vehicle rental
Driving Laws
Wednesday 1st April 2020
Amidst the government deciding what it might take to limit the impact of COVID-19, rental vehicles are reported to be used to help with maintaining the essential movement of people, goods and services.
London’s Congestion Charge and Low Emissions Zone suspended to help critical workers
Driving Laws
Monday 30th March 2020
Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have all witnessed and experienced changes to everyday life. We are all supporting those critical workers keeping the UK running as smoothly as possible during a difficult time. As London is being affected greatly during this time, it has been decided that charging schemes will be out of action to help critical workers get to work and for essential deliveries to take place.
32% of drivers would drive off if they hit another car whilst parking
Friday 27th March 2020
Nearly a third of UK drivers have admitted that they would drive off if they hit another car whilst parking. This study showed that drivers in London were the most likely to do this and women were more likely to own up than men when it came to their parking mistakes.
Car infotainment systems create worse reaction times than drink and drug driving
Driving Safety
Wednesday 25th March 2020
Tests have shown that reaction times were five times slower for those using infotainment systems in cars than a person drug or drink driving. Shockingly, further tests showed that reaction times when using touch controls rather than voice control were found to be worse than texting while driving.
Will roads be full of electric scooters under proposed plans?
Driving Safety
Monday 23rd March 2020
As part of the new government ‘transport revolution’, plans have been laid out to allow electric scooters on UK roads. Transport booking systems and medical delivery drones have also been mentioned as ways to revolutionise our transport systems. Trials for e-scooters are to begin soon in four major transport zones.