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We understand the importance of having the right car insurance policy to suit your circumstances and budget. Therefore, pay monthly car insurance may be the right policy-type for you. At Be Wiser, we can provide you with a range of free policy benefits - including RAC Roadside Assistance Breakdown Cover, Misfuelling Cover, Legal Expenses Cover and 24/7 Claims Assistance.

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When you take out car insurance, every policy lasts for one year. However, it’s up to you whether you pay for that year in full and upfront, or if you pay monthly. If you pay monthly, you will be billed for each month in advance.

Whether you decide to pay monthly or annually for your car insurance is up to you - each option has its own benefits.

Paying annually means you get your entire payment sorted for the year, and you won’t need to worry about it again until your renewal date rolls around. On the other hand, paying monthly means you can spread the cost of your premium, and this is a more affordable solution for some people. However, when you pay monthly, you will also be paying interest - so overall, monthly payments will cost more.

Despite this, paying monthly for your car insurance may be a good option for you, depending on your cash flow.

As there is no such thing as no deposit car insurance, you will need to pay some money upfront for your policy whether you pay monthly or annually.

The cost of your policy will vary depending on a range of factors regarding you, your vehicle, and your insurer. For a pay monthly car insurance policy, the first deposit is usually 20%, with the rest of the policy payable with interest over the next 11 months. Interest rates will vary depending on your insurance provider.

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  • FREE Legal Expenses Cover
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  • FREE Breakdown Cover
  • 24 Hour Free Claims Helpline
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*Free Misfuelling Cover is provided by the RAC as part of their breakdown cover

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