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Be Wiser's Guide To Shop Insurance

Whether it’s a restaurant, newsagent or hair salon, your shop is your livelihood and your pride and joy. However, you never know when an accident is going to happen – such as a broken refrigerator, flood or theft. You need to be prepared for any eventuality to avoid business disruption, lawsuit and a potential loss of income. Having shop insurance cover is essential for any retailer on the high street or online.

Be Wiser can provide the following cover to protect:

  • Accidents to employees
  • Accidents to members of the public
  • Accidents to your building and premises
  • Theft and Loss of Income
  • Contents

In the event that a member of your staff gets injured at work or long-term sick due to work conditions, they may wish to claim compensation and you can find your shop involved in a hefty lawsuit. By obtaining employers liability insurance, you are able to cover any staff injuries, medical bills or legal fees ranging from £5 million to £10 million depending on the size of the business.

Your shop will need to be covered for any injuries to members of the public. For instance, a customer may want to sue you for damages if they slip on your wet floor or if something falls off a shelf and hurts them. Public liability insurance allows you to claim back for such events and is available for £1 million up to £10 million based on the size of your company.

If the premises of your shop is damaged due to flooding, fire or vandalism and it was not the fault of you and your staff, you can obtain buildings insurance to pay for the cost of repairing and rebuilding your shop. A burst pipe could be hugely expensive to your business, ruining trading hours and all your stock – so having this kind of cover to protect your premises is essential.

You can never anticipate being the victim of a robbery – whether it’s the cash in the till or the stock on your shelf. But if you keep a good track of your finances and make this information available to your insurer, you can protect the cash and get reimbursed in the event of a burglary.

Similarly, if due to flooding or vandalism, you are unable to trade for a certain period of time, you can get reimbursed for the ‘loss of income’ and this will make sure that you are not worse off financially.

The contents refer to the physical goods and stock in your shop. By having contents insurance, you are able to cover the cost of any stock and replace it as a result of theft, fire, flooding or vandalism. Your stock will typically be insured at its cost price, not its retail price.

Even if you sell stock online, we can help you get insurance for online shops and ecommerce websites. Whether you sell clothes, food, jewellery or toys, it is still stock that is worth something and in the event of an accident, your policy will enable you to recover the stock price of the items, not the retail price.

You should check for exclusions and excesses. Insurers will not pay out for claims due to wear and tear or as a result of negligence such as leaving the front door unlocked after hours, leaving the tap running or failing to put up a sign that says ‘wet floor.’

If you are renting your premises, it is likely that your landlord has already purchased building insurance so it is worth checking as this may not be necessary.

Finally, when requesting a quote, always make sure the information you’re providing is accurate. By contacting us or filling in a form, we will be able to understand your business better - including the risks, the stock you sell, your income and the area where you operate.

We work with some of the best shop insurance companies in the UK to get you the cover you need. Rather than applying with one direct insurer and being limited to their policies, we are able to compare several offers and deals from top providers meaning that we can tailor the cover specifically for your shop – and make sure that you are protected for any situation.

Simply get a quote online or call us on 0333 003 0347 today and one of our friendly advisors will get in touch and assist you every step of the way.

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