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What You Need To Know About Driving In Clean Air Zones
Eco-Friendly Driving
Thursday 7th January 2021
Some local authorities are introducing clean air zones, where you may have to pay a charge if your vehicle exceeds emissions standards. This article will explain what this means, what the charges are, which clean air zones currently exist, and why these zones have been created.
Will We Be Electric Car Ready By 2030?
Eco-Friendly Driving
Thursday 31st December 2020
In this article, we explore the important factors regarding the switch to electric vehicles. These include whether people want to buy electric cars; if the infrastructure will be in place for them; whether we will be able to charge our cars at our homes; and how long it will actually be until people stop buying petrol and diesel cars and we're all fully electric or hybrid.
The different types of alternatively fuelled vehicles
Eco-Friendly Driving
Tuesday 10th September 2019
It is well documented today that the use of fossil fuels is causing serious damage to our climate. The fact that our vehicles rely on this type of fuel to function has meant that a lot of pressure has been heaped onto the car manufacturing industry in an attempt to curb the amount of pollutants being produced by burning fossil fuels.
How Does Idling Your Engine Affect Your Car, the Environment and Your Wallet?
Eco-Friendly Driving
Wednesday 14th June 2017
There is a great deal of conflicting information about the benefits and drawbacks of engine idling.